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NORclad Partner Products: Accoya® – FSC®

Accoya® wood is the result of decades of research and development that has brought together long-established and extensively proven wood modification technique – acetylation – and lead-edge patented technology to create a high performance wood ideal for timber cladding.

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NOR02 (95mm)

Detailed Information

Accoya® high performance wood is suitable for wooden cladding and façades where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability, durability and insulation value are key factors. Accoya’s® versatility makes it ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial structures.

Manufactured using a non-toxic treatment and timber sourced from sustainable forests, Accoya® wood has properties that match those of the best tropical hardwoods.

Every batch of Accoya® wood is tested after production to ensure that its durability can be guaranteed.

Take a look at just some of the benefits:

  • Accoya® wood is modified all the way through, not just at the surface.
  • Coating maintenance intervals can be expected to be twice as long on Accoya® wood.
  • Thermal conductivity is improved in comparison with softwoods and hardwoods.

Accoya® wood’s durability (resistance to rot) is Class 1, matching and even exceeding the performance of nature’s most durable woods such as Oak, Teak, Iroko and Sapele. Every batch of Accoya® wood is tested after production to ensure that its durability can be guaranteed.

  • Class 1 durability – facilitating a longer life span.
  • Lasting 50 years above ground.
Strength & working properties

Significantly enhancing the dimensional stability of Accoya® wood provides compelling environmental advantages over slow-growing hardwoods (which are often unsustainably sourced) and non-renewable carbon-intensive materials such as plastic, steel and concrete.

Properties of Accoya® wood match, or even exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods, yet is manufactured from sustainably sourced wood.

  • Outstanding dimensional stability.
By significantly enhancing the durability and dimensional stability of fast growing, abundantly available certified wood species, Accoya® wood provides compelling environmental advantages over scarce slow growing hardwoods, woods treated with toxic chemicals, and non-renewable carbon-intensive materials such as plastics, steel and concrete.Accoya® has been certified at the C2C Gold level since 2010, as the only structural building material around. A large benefit of C2C certification is that, especially at the higher certification levels (Gold & Platinum) it contributes to several credits in recognised Green Building Schemes such as LEED and BREEAM.

At end-of-use, Accoya® provides no challenges whatsoever. It can be treated similar to untreated wood and thus can be re- or upcycled in various ways.

  • Always sustainably sourced from abundantly available, often fast growing wood species.
  • Use phase advantages: increased life span, less maintenance, superior thermal insulation.
  • Non toxic and 100% recyclable – a perfect fit with the bio-cycle of the C2C philosophy.
  • CO2 negative over the full life cycle.


If you have decided that Timber Cladding is going to be one of the materials on your project the next step is to create a specification that will meet the criteria and expectations you, and your client have.

NORclad will be happy to talk through what is available and enable you to select, amongst others: species, profile, size, treatment, requirement for Euro Class B, service life.

We offer installation guidance, detailing guidance based on TRADA documentation, with a wealth of knowledge and information on how different timbers will perform over the life span of your project.

Considerations that should be made when it comes to weather, along with how elevation and design variations can impact timber cladding.

Please get in contact if you would like NORclad to create an H21 specification for you, or download direct via NBS here.

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