If you have decided that Timber Cladding is going to be one of the materials on your project the next step is to create a specification that will meet the criteria and expectations you, and your client have.

NORclad will be happy to talk through what is available and enable you to select, amongst others:

  • Species
  • Profile
  • Size
  • Treatment
  • Requirement for Euro Class B
  • Service Life

We offer installation guidance, detailing guidance based on TRADA documentation, with a wealth of knowledge and information on how different timbers will perform over the life span of your project.

Considerations that should be made when it comes to weather, along with how elevation and design variations can impact timber cladding.

Please get in contact if you would like NORclad to create an H21 specification for you, or download direct via NBS here.

Help? What to Specify?

Below we outline some of the key areas that should be thought about when creating a timber cladding specification, along with a pointers to help guide you.

You need to decide what they want from the cladding and there are a few points to consider:

  • Do you want it to weather to a grey relatively quickly?
  • Do you want it to be more colour-stable and stay a ‘wood’ colour for longer?
  • How much maintenance is required after installation?
  • How much do you want to pay?
  • Do you want to see knots or do you want a relatively knot free product?

NORclad offer a range of species, each of these species have their positive and negative aspects.

Typically Hardwoods and Canadian Western Red Cedar will be at the higher end of a budget per m2, and left uncoated all will weather to a silver grey, lower in knot content they may be a material more appropriate for a contemporary design.

With the more budget conscious in mind Siberian Larch, or an A+ Grade Treated Redwood may suit your project.

The Carbon Footprint question may draw a specification towards a homegrown timber.

Please give us a call or email to talk over the species that we offer, and what may be suitable for your project.

Click here to view a summary of the species available.

We have included a comparison table below with key pointers of each species.

Once a species of timber has been selected the dimension and profile is likely to be the next area of consideration.

  • Face Fixed boards
  • Secret Fixed boards
  • Individual boards with a shadow gap
  • Chamfered boards
  • Bespoke items for cill items, reveals etc.
  • Corner trim boards

Visible Face Fix Profiles

Do you want a visible face fixing? TRADA recommend any boards over 100mm in width is face fixed.

For ease of installation and to create a uniform shadow gap Tongue and Groove boards are a popular choice as shown with our NWC profiles.

Individual boards (PSE – Planed Square Edge or PAR Planed All Round) of varying widths and depths are proving popular, see a case study of PSE boards here.

Chamfered boards such as our NWCC1 will create a shadow gap which can then be detailed to showcase varying gaps between boards.

Bespoke boards can be machined to match your cladding, if you have cills, reveals of finishing trims on your project – let us know what you are after.

If you don’t like the idea of seeing the a fixing we have developed narrower hidden fixed tongue and groove boards.

Secret Fix Profiles  

The profiles below have been designed to be installed with a single, face fixing.

Each board is machined with a hidden fix guide line, for site to easily follow and ensure the fixing is therefore covered by the next board.

Corner Trim Profiles

To compliment, and finish off the cladding there may be a requirement to run a trim rather than mitre boards on site, some of the standard corner trims that we offer are shown below.

These will be machined from the same species of timber as your cladding.

Click here to download our brochure to keep our profiles to hand, or get in touch with your questions today.

High Pressure Treatments (UC3 or UC4)

Brunnea (Brown Pigment) This treatment offers a level of colour stability VS traditional untreated timber species. Click here to see an example of the treatment over several years.

Lite (Clear treatment – may have a slightly Green appearance to surface from excess copper within the treatment being visible.

When specifying timber, consideration should be given to the species (natural durability) and the Use Class, i.e. where it is going to be used.

The natural durability of timber may be improved by preservative treatment to achieve the required Use Class (conferred durability).

UC3 (Use Class 3) Above ground, not covered. Exposed to short spells of wetting (several days). This is primarily used for timber cladding, and by selecting Brunnea, or Lite, NORclad are able to offer a formal 30 year warranty against rot and fungal decay

UC4 (Use Class 4) In contact with ground or fresh water. Permanently exposed to wetting. In certain instances, such as decking joists, we will treat to UC4 with Brunnea, or Lite.

Low Pressure Treatment

If being overcoated, and the coating is maintainted NORclad are able to offer low pressure compatible treatments.

For further information on treatments please get in touch with us today.

A number projects now often require the façade to meet . This is possible with additional Fire Retardant Treatments.

Timber is approved as a suitable material for external cladding under UK Building Regulations.

Untreated timber generally has a classification of D-s2, d0, which does not change following NORclad Brunnea treatment.

In certain applications, timber cladding may need an additional level of fire protection, over and above the natural fire classification, below are some examples of species we can pre-treat to meet Euro Class B, spread of flame.

For more information on Fire Retardant Treatments please get in touch.

NORclad manufacture and supply a range of Timber Cladding Solutions, we are able to offer some basic advice and guidance when it comes to installing your timber cladding. We offer guidance on;

  • Handling materials on site.
  • On site cutting and working.
  • Specification for the fixings required.

If you would like a copy of our installation guidance then please feel free to get in touch.

The raw material prices of timber are constantly fluctuating, therefore the figures for various softwood species shown are for guidance only.

Price variation will also apply dependent on the grade that you are looking to specify, as will the section size, and/ or spacing that is selected for your chosen façade.

Please get in touch with your requirements for a quote today, likewise if you are wanting to get price guidance on other services such as;

All of the species shown below are compatible with Fire Retardant Coating to achieve Euro Class B.

Specie/ProductDurable*Treatment Required?Knot contentColour stabilityPrices from (Ex VAT/ Delivery)
Canadian Western Red CedarxLowLow£55 – £60/m2
Siberian Larch B GradexMediumLow£30 – £35/m2
Siberian Larch A GradexLowLow£35 – £40/m2
UK CedarxHighLow£35 – £40/m2
UK LarchxHighLow£35 – £40/m2
Redwood A Grade – NORclad Brunnea treatedMediumHigh£30 – £35/m2
Redwood A+ Grade – NORclad Brunnea treatedLowHigh£35 – £40/m2
Thermowood DxHighLow£35 – £40/m2
Thermowood D – Factory Painted/ CoatedxHighVery High£60 – £65/m2
Abodo Flat Sawn – Factory Painted/ CoatedxLowVery High£75 – £90/m2
Abodo Laminated – Factory Painted/ CoatedxLowVery High£95 – £110/m2

* relates to heartwood only

Prices: All the above prices are based on a standard Ex 22/25 x 150mm T&G Profile. Correct as of May ’21.

Detailing NORclad – Standard Detailing

NORclad are able to offer basic guidance and information to consider in a number of key areas when working with timber as an external façade material.

We have typical detailing available for using timber cladding in the following;

Base Detail
Eaves Detail
External Corner
Internal Corner
Window Head
Window Cill
Window Jamb
Cladding Junction

Example below of an External Corner Detail

Please get in contact if you would like us to send this information over to you.

RIBA Specification Documents

Product specifications by NBS

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