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Fire Protection / Euro Class B

The NORclad range of cladding is available with fire protection to the following British and European standards.

Euroclass B-s1-d0 (s1 Smoke Production – d0 Flaming Droplets).

BS EN 13823 & BS EN 11925-2 Single Burning Item Equivalent to UK “Class O” BS 476: Part 6 & BS 476: Part 7

About Fire-Protected Cladding

Timber Cladding is growing in popularity as a material within the construction industry. Being a versatile, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective material, there is an ever increasing demand across all sectors of the industry, noticeably in Residential, Education, Health Care and Retail projects.

A number of projects in these sectors often require the façade to meet Euro Class B/Class “0” (BS 476 Part 6 & 7 ‘Spread of Flame’). This is possible with additional Fire Retardant Treatments.

Timber is one of the most popular substrates in the cladding market. It is approved as a suitable material for external cladding under UK Building Regulations. Timber offers a unique combination of practical, environmental and aesthetic advantages.

Our information is based on factory applied coating, which can be controlled, meet ISO requirements, and are supplied with Certification for each project.

Timber Fire Classification

Untreated timber generally has a classification of D-s2,d0, which does not change following NORclad Brunnea treatment.

In certain applications, timber cladding may need an additional level of fire protection above the natural fire classification.

The timber treatments that NORclad offer, with Micronized preservatives (e.g. NORclad Brunnea) do not change the natural fire rating of the product in any way.


SpeciesUntreated*Pressure Treated**Fire Treated***
European Redwood (Pine)Ds2, d0Ds2, d0Bs1, d0
Western Red CedarDs2, d0Ds2, d0Bs1, d0
LarchDs2, d0Ds2, d0Bs1, d0

*Untreated information sourced from the Commission of European Standards.
**Pressure Treated EN13823 results sourced from an independent UKAS accredited test house.
***Fire treatment to Euroclass B-s1-d0 (s1 Smoke Production – d0 Flaming Droplets). BS EN 13823 & BS EN 11925-2 Single Burning Item.

Fire Protection 1
Fire Protection 2
Fire Protection 3
Fire Protection 4
Fire Protection 5
Fire Protection 6

The Benefits of our Bespoke Timber Products

Factory applied and suitable for internal and external use, our products have the following benefits:

  • Without colour or odour.
  • Remain effective for the lifetime of the cladding.
  • Non-toxic and non-allergic; safe for humans and animals.
  • They are not broken down by water or humidity.
  • The fire retardant penetrates the structure of the timber and does not require an additional protective finishing coat.

They have non-flammable properties which become part of the substrate, restricting ignition and the spread of flame, and they are not converted into smoke when exposed to high temperatures with carbon char being restricted to the immediate area. Treated materials, when exposed to temperatures of up to 1700°C, are subject to charcoal forming, severely restricting the spread of flame.

Certificates of compliance are available upon request once delivered to the site of each consignment of our fire-treated cladding.

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