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Painted Timber Cladding

Stained and Painted Timber Cladding continues to be a popular choice among NORclad clients.

NORclad can offer a number of factory painted timber cladding solutions, both through in house coating lines in the UK, also working with a partner in Switzerland.

Get in touch today if you want to talk about your options; from Black Painted timber cladding, giving the appearance similar to Charred Timber Cladding, through the Grey Timber Cladding, or even an Oak stain.

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Painted Timber Cladding

NORclad offer factory finished coated options, manufactured and coated in The UK.

Working with a number of different timber species, all either FSC® and/or PEFC® certified. NORclad offer factory-painted Siberian Larch, Thermowood, and Red Grandis.

Working with some of the leading paint manufactures in the field including Sansin, NORclad are able to offer the natural appearance of timber with a full range of colours or stains to fit your project.

A quality controlled environment which is quick and efficient, ensuring consistent quality throughout the order, offering significant saving in time, labour, and money VS on site application.

  • High-end painted Timber Cladding.
  • A quality controlled environment which is quick and efficient, ensuring consistent quality throughout the order from the first board, to the last.
  • Significant saving in time, labour, and money.
  • Quick and efficient production and delivery process.

We also offer Accoya, and ABODO, both of which have their own dedicated product pages.

Sansin is a global leader in environmentally-friendly wood protection. Working with Sansin SDF, and Sansin Woodforce.

Their SDF system will protect the outside of wood, along with protecting the inside by allowing it to ‘breath’ – helping to prevent moisture from getting trapped in the wood and causing rot. Benefits of the SDF System include;

  • UV resistant
  • 130+ Finishes in the range
  • Highly water-repellent
  • Low in VOC content

The Sansin Woodforce system is designed to increase dimension stability to the timber, reducing moisture absorption by up to 74%. A penetrative coating, Woodforce with not breakdown with exposure to sunlight allowing the wood to naturally weather without blackening.

  • Available in a range of grey shades
  • Water-repellent
  • Minimal long-term maintenance



Get in touch for other requirements, including bespoke profiles, halflap profiles, various sized PSE boards and Window reveals/cill.


If you have decided that Timber Cladding is going to be one of the materials on your project the next step is to create a specification that will meet the criteria and expectations you, and your client have.

NORclad will be happy to talk through what is available and enable you to select, amongst others: species, profile, size, treatment, requirement for Euro Class B, service life.

We offer installation guidance, detailing guidance based on TRADA documentation, with a wealth of knowledge and information on how different timbers will perform over the life span of your project.

Considerations that should be made when it comes to weather, along with how elevation and design variations can impact timber cladding.

Please get in contact if you would like NORclad to create an H21 specification for you, or download direct via NBS here.

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