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Painted Timber Cladding

Stained and painted timber cladding continues to be a popular choice among NORclad clients.

We can offer a number of in-house painted timber cladding solutions. Through our in-house paint system in the U.K and also working with our partner supplier in Switzerland, we can offer:

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Swiss Painted Timber Cladding

Specially selected Swiss White Fir logs are used, with full FSC certification to ensure total sustainability of forests through selective felling.

The timber is sawn to offer a ‘vertical grain’, slowly kiln dried to offer a consistent product, before hand-selecting the boards prior to machining to customers’ profile.

Long lengths heavy 5.0m are common, with finger jointed lengths available if required.

Selected profiles for the UK market, offering face and secret fix options.

A range of standard colours and stains available, with the option for full RAL colours if required

  • Warranty of 15 years depending on paint and colour.
  • A quality controlled environment which is quick and efficient, ensuring consistent quality throughout the order.
  • Can be supplied pre-treated with Euro Class B fire treatment, fully tested with the paint coatings we offer.
  • Significant saving in time, labour, and money.
  • Quick and efficient production and delivery process and back up stocks held in the U.K. for agreed supply contracts.

U.K. Painted Timber Cladding

NORclad offer a fully factory finished coated option – working with Sikkens Wood Coatings’ Never Ending Impressions colour we are able to offer the natural appearance of timber with a full range of translucent colour to fit your project.

Developed by the Akzo Novel Aesthetic Centre, the Never Ending Impressions range has served major customers worldwide including Walt Disney and McDonald’s.

View more information on the coating and the colours on offer here.

A range of standard colours and stains available.

  • PEFC Certified Thermowood is used as a substrate.
  • A quality controlled environment which is quick and efficient, ensuring consistent quality throughout the order.
  • Significant saving in time, labour, and money VS on site application.
  • Non film-forming coatings – the translucent finish allows the natural timber grain to be seen through the coating.
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Painted Timber Cladding
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Timber Cladding
Timber Cladding


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