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We offer Western Red Cedar in two variations; Canadian and UK Homegrown.

Cedar timber cladding will colour down to a silver/grey colour if it is not protected as soon as installation is complete with a good quality semi or fully translucent UV-radiation protective coating.

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Detailed Information

Wood Type
Canadian – North America and Western Canada
Homegrown – Locally Sourced from within Great Britain
Sourced from well managed forests – FSC® and/ or PEFC® certified timber.
Sawn and planed products in a wide range of thicknesses, widths and profiled patterns.
Salmon Pink Sapwood to Dark Brown Heartwood – If left unprotected, it will turn to a silver grey colour.
Canadian – Imported as No.2 Clear and Better and No 4 Clear and Better and we do our own bespoke specialist quality grading and selection
Homegrown – Faster grown than imported species, large and frequent knots along the length
Typical end uses
Canadian – Cladding, Brise Soleil systems, Shingles & Decking
Homegrown – Cladding
Canadian – Durable, High resistance to decay
Homegrown – Moderately Durable
390 kg per m3 at 16% Moisture Content
Dimensional stability
Canadian – It has a very low shrinkage factor and is superior to all other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping, twisting and checking
Homegrown – Low shrinkage factor not as resistant to warping and checking as imported WRC.
Stainless steel fixings are always recommended. 
Strength & working properties
As it is a soft timber it can be more prone to physical damage in terms of splitting and indentation/bruising, care should be taken.
Typical Lengths
1.828m (6ft) – 4.88m (16ft)
Typical section sizes
Ex 22, 32, 50, 75mm x 22, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175mm
Chemical Properties
This specie has natural preservatives which can have a corrosive effect on some unprotected metals, causing a black stain on the wood.


All grading information is given as general guidance, to meet the criteria set through CE marking, quality and grading requirements.

All products we machine in house are selected after machining and before final packaging. For further details on the grade, please contact us, likewise we are more than happy to work with you to create grading criteria bespoke to your project. Products can be supplied as FSC® and/ or PEFC® certified timber.

We also offer further information on European Redwood with Euro Class B Fire Treatment.

If you are looking for Canadian WRC Certigrade™ Blue Label Shingles, click here.


Canadian Western Red Timber Cladding is a durable softwood.

This timber is slow grown, naturally durable, stable, light weight and has a natural beauty and warmth complemented by a uniform fine grain which makes it easy to work with and finish. It is a soft timber and can be nailed or screwed. However, as it is a soft timber it may be more prone to physical damage such as splitting and indentation/bruising, so care should be taken.

Most Western Red Cedar used in the U.K. is imported from North America and Western Canada.

Canadian WRC 2 Clear & Better

  • PEFC Certified, sustainably sourced Timber
  • Imported from Canada
  • All timber is sourced and machined to CE Quality Grading Requirements
  • Max live knot diameter on face: 19mm. Limited along the length of timber
  • Many boards supplied are clear boards.

Canadian WRC 2 Clear & Better 15% 4 Clear

  • PEFC Certified, sustainably sourced Timber
  • Imported from Canada
  • All timber is sourced and machined to CE Quality Grading Requirements
  • Max live knot diameter on face: 38mm. Limited along the length of timber
  • Many boards supplied are clear boards
  • Including a percentage of boards graded to No. 4 Clear, the majority meeting No. 2 Clear
Canadian Western Red Cedar 1


Homegrown Western Red Cedar has been growing in our country for 90 years plus. The UK/ Homegrown counterpart is faster grown, therefore is only a Moderately Durable softwood.

Homegrown Cedar is significantly cheaper over North American and Western Canadian alternative and from a carbon foot print perspective, is worth considering as the product does not have to travel half way round the world to our country.

Homegrown WRC

  • FSC Certified, sustainably sourced Timber
  • Grown within the United Kingdom
  • All timber is sourced and machined to CE Quality Grading Requirements
  • Faster grown than imported species, large and frequent knots along the length.
Canadian Western Red Cedar 3
Waitrose Saffron Walden

Treatments & Bespoke Products


Treatments can be applied to various cladding species to enhance or alter their colour or give them long term protection against the elements.

The treatment process impregnates wood cladding with a blend of preservative and Brunnea pigment.

From experience to date, exposure trials and commercial practice, you can expect the appearance of Brunnea treated wood to enrich after initial exposure.

NORclad Lite provides a 30 year warranty against rot & fungal decay.

The treatment process impregnates wood cladding with preservative and copper.
Without any pigment in the treatment, your timber cladding will naturally weather to a silver grey over time.

Bespoke Products

The requirements of every project is different and we’re here to help ensure that the cladding you specify is the right one for you. We offer bespoke services ensuring that your cladding is fit for purpose.

The NORclad range of cladding is available with fire protection to the following British and European standards.

Euroclass B-s1-d0 (s1 Smoke Production – d0 Flaming Droplets).

BS EN 13823 & BS EN 11925-2 Single Burning Item Equivalent to UK “Class O” BS 476: Part 6 & BS 476: Part 7

Aerofoils and Bespoke items are an area where we have no ‘standard’ Timber Species, Size, or Profile.

A great way to give an elevation a softer appearance, to over clad elements of a large structure that would otherwise be quite intrusive – the large slab side of a car park or sports hall for instance.ey over time.

Use timber decking to modernise your outdoor area.

Timber Decking can be machined from any species that we offer, although a timber such as Western Red Cedar is very soft, and could damage easily. The most popular species that we offer for our decking is European Redwood, in either an Unsorted, or Fifths grade.

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Get in touch for other requirements, including bespoke profiles, balflap profiles, various sized PSE boards and Window reveals/cill.


If you have decided that Timber Cladding is going to be one of the materials on your project the next step is to create a specification that will meet the criteria and expectations you, and your client have.

NORclad will be happy to talk through what is available and enable you to select, amongst others: species, profile, size, treatment, requirement for Euro Class B, service life.

We offer installation guidance, detailing guidance based on TRADA documentation, with a wealth of knowledge and information on how different timbers will perform over the life span of your project.

Considerations that should be made when it comes to weather, along with how elevation and design variations can impact timber cladding.

Please get in contact if you would like NORclad to create an H21 specification for you, or download direct via NBS here.

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