Glulam Arches

Project: Salt Dome

Customer: Domeuropa UK

Client: Dorchester County Council

Species: Spruce

Items: 8no 160 x 600mm Glulam Arches

Project Completion: Winter 2015

NORclad are able to offer a lot more than cladding to a project, for this project a number of Spruce laminated arches were required. Weighing over 600kg each, and with a span of 12.18m the Spruce arches are ideal for a salt dome.

Timber is a great material to use for salt domes as the salt does not corrode away as it would on steel.

The Spruce Laminated beams were supplied to site with steel base plates already installed at the foot, with a single Pin and Socket fixing to connect the top of the beams to create the arch.

Charminster 2     Charminster 5     Charminster 14     Charminster 16     Charminster 17     Charminster 18     Charminster 20     Charminster 21     Charminster 23     Charminster 26     Charminster 27     Charminster 28     Charminster 29

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