Oatley Park – Prestigious Housing

Project: Oatley Park, Bristol

Main Contractor: David Wilson Homes

Completed: Ongoing, first plots completed autumn 2015.

Timber Cladding: European Redwood, and Southern Yellow Pine MicroShades “Brunnea” Treated

This prestigious development just outside of Bristol has seen NORclad products used on a variety of different house types. Working with DWH and the Harlequin Construction we have been able to offer a selection of items along with our standard cladding profiles to create the finish required.

With excellent workmanship from Harlequin Construction these high end properties are finished to the standard you would expect. The timber element has been designed into these properties from the start, rather than looking ‘bolted on’ which can sometimes be the case with modern brick finished homes.

Profiles: All materials supplied to site are MicroShades ‘Brunnea’ treated. Our 3/4 Sides Clear Redwood Ex 25 x 100mm NWSN1 is used as the main cladding across the properties and garages. Due to weight restrictions on the garage doors this has been machined down to a narrower 15mm finish. Along with NWSN1 and various PSE items, trims from our standard range have also been used, NWA2, NWA3, and NWA4.

For the larger section sizes of timbers required a Southern Yellow Pine has been used. Once again in a variety of section sizes, from Ex 25 x 100mm, through to Ex 38 x 275mm. Once again this species has been treated with the MicroShades ‘Brunnea’ treatment to match the Redwood cladding.

Oatley Park 13     Oatley Park 12     Oatley Park 11     Oatley Park 10     Oatley Park 9     Oatley Park 8     Oatley Park 7     Oatley Park 6     Oatley Park 5     Oatley Park 4     Oatley Park 3     Oatley Park 2     Oatley Park 1

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