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Accoya Cladding – Features, Benefits & Uses of Modified Wood

If you’re looking for more information on modified wood, in particular Accoya® cladding, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve explained not only what it is and how it’s produced, but also some of its key benefits and uses.

For more about other wood modification techniques, be sure to have a read of our recent blog discussing the thermal modification of wood. There we’ve explained everything you need to know about thermowood, including its characteristics, typical uses and appearance, as well as ways of receiving the best quotes.

What is Accoya Wood?

Accoya® wood, also known as acetylated wood, is a sustainable, reliable and high-performance modified wood manufactured after undergoing an acetylation process (an established and proven wood modification technique – more information below). It’s renowned for its beauty and durability, making it the ideal specie for timber cladding, façades and other demanding applications where aesthetics is of utmost importance.

What is the Acetylation Process & How is Accoya Timber Made?

The acetylation process refers to a non-toxic method of modifying sustainably-sourced timber, resulting in a wood that matches – if not exceeds – the properties of the most reliable tropical hardwoods. Rather than infusing preservatives into the wood (like pressure treatment), this approach permanently chemically modifies the timber to the core.

This process of wood modification has been proven to deliver unrivalled results, and is often the benchmark when the quality of other methods and treatments are measured.

Features & Benefits of Accoya Cladding

Excellent Durability

Acetylated wood is well-known for its excellent durability (class 1 durability), surpassing the capabilities of even Sapele, Teak and other species highly regarded for their resistance to rot. It has a longevity of 50 years above ground and 25 years when in freshwater, ensuring it remains of the highest-quality throughout its use in application, making it a favoured type of wood for many architects.

Exceptional Dimensional Stability

Accoya® wood provides tremendous dimensional stability, making it the preferred material for a wide range of exterior uses. It has been vigorously tested in all types of weather conditions and has been proven to be able to endure the most challenging and extreme environments for long periods of time.

Unlike other species, acetylated wood can withstand both dry and wet conditions, as well as sudden environmental changes, keeping swelling, warping, splitting and shrinking to a minimum. This gives users complete confidence when the material is used in outdoor applications (including in water) and is exposed to the elements.


Unlike non-renewable carbon intensive materials (such as plastic and concrete), wood treated with toxic chemicals and scarce slow-growing hardwoods, Accoya® wood is sourced from sustainable sources (including FSC-certified forests) and provides environmental advantages that other materials don’t offer. It’s always sustainably sourced from copiously available wood species, is non-toxic and fully recyclable, and is CO2 negative over the full life cycle.

It’s been awarded several accreditations and eco-certifications for its sustainability and provides no challenges for the user at the end of its life.

Typical Uses of Accoya Wood

Accoya® wood is an incredibly versatile specie suitable for a wide range of applications. It’s a reliable material favoured for particularly demanding uses due to its high-performance capabilities and beautiful appearance –

Cladding & Decking – Its extremely high resistance to moisture, decay and a range of different climates makes it an excellent specie for a variety of exterior projects, including cladding and decking. The fact it doesn’t warp, twist, bow and so on is often the reason why so many people decide to utilise this specie for their bespoke project.

Windows and Doors – Accoya® window frames and doors are extremely popular – they open smoothly and operate effortlessly in all weathers without jamming. They’re also a low maintenance solution and provide better thermal insulation than other commonly used hardwoods and softwoods.

Bridges, Canals & Other Structural Applications – Accoya® wood has transformed the way wood can be used in external applications. It’s ability to withstand damp environments enables it to be reliably utilised in all types of large and small structural projects, and is often the go-to material for structural designers.

Accoya Wood Prices

For the best and most accurate Accoya® wood prices, it’s recommended that you get a quote from our trusted timber specialists. Our experts will take into consideration not only what you need, but also precise measurements and a range of other essential information to make sure you receive a competitive price. We work with clients all over the UK and are dedicated to delivering projects to the highest standard.

Accoya Timber Suppliers

Accoya® wood is a highly rated timber with superior properties and is often the first specie that our clients choose to discuss. If you’re interested in using Accoya® in your new project, want to find out more of its benefits or would like to discuss the range of other timber species available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at NORclad today. We have over 40 years of experience in the timber industry and are committed to helping people get the most out of their cladding.

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