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How to Fire Protect Your Timber Cladding

Within modern architectural design, timber ranks as a highly popular building material. Its versatility, cost effective price tag and low environmental impact combine to make it a great candidate for many contemporary construction projects.  On one hand, some of the key pull factors of timber include its enhanced fire safety properties. On the other, when discussing any wooden construction material, concerns about fire safety are difficult to escape.

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A large amount of the fire-safe association with timber is born from its behaviour in fires being easily predictable. However, it remains essential that measures are taken to ensure any timber in your project meets the requirements of Building Regs in its use. As timber continues to gain popularity both for its design and structural properties, it is important that those looking to use this material follow appropriate safety measures.

The Importance of Correctly Specifying EuroClass B Fire Treatment on Timber Cladding >

Depending on the particular context, some UK building regulations specify that timber cladding must receive an additional service to meet EuroClass B.

In this blog from NORclad will outline a range of approaches to fire protecting timber cladding, with reverence to NORclad fire protection services.

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Use Industrially Fire Protected Wood

Sourcing timber which has already received a EuroClass B coating, as opposed to a site applied product helps to reduce the difficulties that can be found when verifying the fire class of a material prior to its use, and offers customers peace of mind that the process has been carried out correctly – reducing the risk of error through inexperience. Sourcing pre-treated wood also reduces the time and man-power needed to apply on site, heavily reliant on weather conditions, and access.

At NORclad, we use a factory applied coating for fire-treated cladding.

Speak To an Industry Professional

Whatever the subject, navigating the breadth of information available online can be challenging, especially when the stakes are so high. When dealing with fire safety, there really isn’t room for uncertainty. It is always safest to consult an industry professional who will be able to offer information directly related to the requirements of your project, in areas such as Fire Classification of materials along boundaries, routes of access, and end use of the building. Seeking professional guidance reduces the risk of ineffective or hazardous timber use. An expert opinion can also help provide peace of mind about the safety of your construction project.

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Having worked on countless construction, architectural and exterior design projects, our team are certain to provide a well rounded customer experience whatever your query. We prioritise getting the best possible results from both your timber and available space. Whether you’re planning some striking interior design or a large-scale exterior project – your vision can become a reality with NORclad.

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