NORclad Brunnea Treatment – Exterior Wood Cladding Treatment

Untreated exterior timber cladding will inevitably deteriorate faster than treated façades. The timber has to battle rot, fungal decay, insects and multiple weather elements on a daily basis, so in order to maintain its health and increase its longevity, it’s crucial to treat cladding with a high-quality solution. NORclad Brunnea treatment, for example, is a robust and reliable exterior cladding treatment that can be used in a variety of applications.

What is NORclad Brunnea Treatment?

NORclad Brunnea Treatment in an innovative solution designed to enhance the durability and appearance of timber cladding. It is a high pressure, water based preservative treatment that is impregnated into the wood cladding and provides long term protection against insects, rot and fungal decay. It contains a pigment called “Brunnea”, a UV inhibitor that holds colour for a longer period of time and reduces the rate of weathering.

All species supplied by NORclad, such as Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch, can be treated with NORclad Brunnea, but it is most efficient and cost effective with European Redwood.

Benefits of NORclad Brunnea Treatment

Applying this high-quality treatment to your wood brings many benefits that may not be provided by using other similar products.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified

NORclad Brunnea treatment has received a Greenguard Gold certification. This accreditation is only awarded to products and materials that have particularly low chemical emissions, and help to improve the quality of air in which the products are being used.

GREENGUARD Gold certification includes even tougher criteria that considers safety factors for the elderly, children and other sensitive individuals. Products that are recognised as Gold, such as NORclad Brunnea, ensures that the treatment is acceptable to be used in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.

30-Year Warranty

It’s not uncommon for exterior cladding to quickly weather and show the impact of being exposed to the elements. However, this treatment provides a 30-year warranty against rot and fungal decay when it is being used in an external, out of ground contact situation.

Enrich the Colour of Exterior Cladding

The timber’s life cycle is significantly enhanced when it has been treated with NORclad Brunnea. The wood’s durability is increased and the UV’s stability is strengthened (the colour is held for longer), which is ideal for situations where appearance is of paramount importance or the cladding is exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Little Maintenance

NORclad Brunnea requires extremely little or no maintenance because it is a preservative treatment rather than a coating. Paint, for example, coats the wood and demands much more maintenance in order for the wood to be effectively protected.

Examples of NORclad Brunnea Treatment

Check out some of our recent timber cladding projects below. They illustrate the benefits of treating timber with NORclad Brunena treatment.

Hanham Hall

Hanham Hall

This project involved timber cladding, decking and bridges. European Redwood was the chosen specie and was treated with NORclad Brunnea treatment due to its sustainability and warranty against rot and fungal decay.

View the full case study.

Hakin Community School

Hakin School 12

A specification was created utilising a PEFC-certified European Redwood NORclad Brunnea treatment for this educational project. The treatment was desired because of its good colour stability levels and protection against fungal decay.

View the full case study.

Gallagher Retail Park

Gallagher Retail 7

Canadian Western Red Cedar was the specie used for the timber cladding of this project and was machined to our face fix NWC2 T&G profile. Microshades Brunnea was the favoured treatment due to its low maintenance qualities.

View the full case study.

Brunnea Treatment from NORclad

NORclad Brunnea treatment is essential if you’re looking to preserve your exterior timber cladding.

For specialist advice with your timber cladding project, or to find out more about the benefits of NORclad Brunnea treatment, please get in touch with us today – our experts will be more than happy to help.

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