• NORclad Making Waves in Bristol

Leading providers of high-quality timber cladding, NORclad, were part of 25-million-pound sustainable development of the first ever inland surfing lake of its kind in Europe.

The clubhouse at The Wave Bristol is an environmentally considered build, using sustainably sourced wood to create a stunning façade blending perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Housing changing facilities, a restaurant, and an education facility, the clubhouse will be a social hub, carefully designed with both visitors and the environment in mind. While enjoying seasonal, locally sourced refreshments next to the impressive surfing lake, visitors will be relaxing in the beautifully clad building, designed to optimise natural light and assimilate into the countryside.

Open in the autumn of 2019, The Wave in Easter Compton promises to be an all-round surfers retreat, offering up to 1,000 perfect surfing waves an hour. Bringing together surfers of all abilities, the innovative manmade waves are hoped to ignite passion for the sport and promote a holistic approach to health.

The Wave aims to unite all levels of water enthusiasts with nature, each other and themselves. Without the interference of temperamental weather, unimpressive waves and hordes of holidaymakers, The Wave’s 180 metre surfing lake promises to be a year-round surfer haven. Health and wellbeing are to be improved through physical activity, getting out into nature, and having fun.

Powered by Wavegarden’s Cove wave-making technology, waves are expected roughly every 10 seconds, creating a surfers’ paradise. With wave peaks ranging from 0.5 to 2 metres high, beginners through to professionals are accommodated for. Customisable for abilities, the innovative wave technology will be adjustable and controlled, allowing for perfect conditions all day, every day.

Surfing is growing in popularity; the sport even being debuted at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020. It is hoped Bristol talent can practice to a competitive level, improving skills and international ranking regardless of proximity to the ocean. The inland surfer’s paradise can rival the pristine nearby Cornish coastline, without the crowds flooding in and unpredictable conditions.

Commitment to the environment and sustainability is at the heart of The Wave’s values, with Founder Nick Hounsfield keen to give back to the local environment. Not only was The Wave built using few toxic chemicals, it will be powered by renewable energy.

Nick pledges to plant over 16,000 trees, a project he’s been slowly working towards since the origin of The Wave over seven years ago. Overtime, the planted trees, hedgerows and planned wildflower meadowland will aid in oxygen production and offset the carbon footprint of The Wave’s Bristol site. Click here to read more about The Wave’s plan to increase local biodiversity.

Further builds on the site will include 25 glamping pods for the visiting surfers to use as accommodation, promoting Bristol as a getaway destination. The Wave hopes to become a place for relaxation and education, beyond a surfing destination, reflected in future plans for expansion. The Wave presents an exciting opportunity both locally and globally; increased attraction to the area coupled with potential training of elite surfers amplifying competitive standing across the world.

NORclad is delighted to have been a part of this sustainable project, sharing many values with The Wave and their focus on reducing environmental impact. Proud to feature in many beautiful builds, NORclad is dedicated to supplying quality timber to create striking sustainable façades. Attractive and durable, NORclad can preserve and treat timber cladding to ensure longevity. Interested in bespoke timber cladding for yourself? Contact our specialists.

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