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Using Ceiling Timber Cladding for the WOW Factor

There is no doubt about it, the rise in popularity of timber cladding worldwide is likely down to the appeal of the natural beauty of timber, which oozes both rustic charm and contemporary design.

Aside from aesthetics though, timber cladding has a whole host of benefits as a building material for both interior décor and incredible feats of architectural design. Thanks to the versatility and huge choice of options, the possibilities for using timber cladding on a ceiling space really are endless.

Here, we take a look at why timber cladding makes an exceptional option for ceiling makeovers and offer our top tips when it comes to transforming your room, home, office, commercial, public space or practically any ceiling space!

Why use Timber Cladding on Ceilings?

Speed of Installation

When it comes to making huge strides in a project in a short space of time, little can compete with timber cladding. Providing you know how; the installation process is simple and allows projects to progress quickly. The end result of timber cladding for a ceiling makeover can completely transform the overall charm and character of a room or building, even in small-scale projects such as in the home.


Timber has natural acoustic properties in the way it absorbs sound vibrations, which reduces the transmission of noise and controls echoes. It is why you will often see timber cladding on ceilings in large public buildings, theatres and music halls but it also lends itself to anywhere that may need to contain noise – a child’s playroom, for example! Research has even linked good acoustics to wellbeing in the workplace with the reduction in sound pollution allowing for better productivity and making timber ceiling cladding well-suited to office spaces or schools too.

Environmental Credentials

Timber is one the world’s truly natural and renewable resources, sitting firmly above other materials in terms of its environmental credentials. That said, it is of paramount importance that you check the timber cladding you choose for your project has been sourced sustainably. Here at NORclad, the long-term supply of timber cladding products is a priority and key focus in our company. We fully research each supplier and country we source wood products from to ensure all of our products are from legal sources and there is traceability and secure government legislation in place.

Insulation Properties

Timber cladding not only adds warmth to the overall look of a room, it will also add actual physical warmth thanks to its natural insulation properties. Timber panelling will help to maintain a constant temperature and its tight, interlocking design, will help to prevent heat from escaping through your ceiling.


Timber is a great option for those wishing to add individuality to their décor. It is easily painted, stained or left natural. When it comes to its use on ceilings, of course it is better to achieve the desired finish prior to installation and in fact, many will opt for the beauty of the natural look particularly as this reduces any ongoing maintenance of touching up paint, which is undoubtedly more difficult when working at ceiling heights. That does not mean you are limited in choice of appearance however, as the type of timber can offer a variety of textures and patterns and will even vary colour, albeit natural.

The WOW Factor

One of the most incredible things about using ceiling timber cladding for décor or architectural design is that no two pieces are the same. The result is a characterful and simply stunning design feature. This could lend itself to use in a home but has also become increasingly popular for business premises who want the design of their building to impress and make a lasting impression on their customers. For more inspiration on how timber cladding creates the wow factor, why not take a look at the gallery and case studies pages on our website.

Tips for Ceiling Cladding

Choose the right timber

For interior ceiling cladding, your best options differ from exterior cladding as you are not necessarily looking for the weatherproof properties nor the same level of durability that many types of timber can offer when used externally. This allows you to focus more on the look of the timber you prefer and can lend itself to more budget friendly options. That said, you do need to pay consideration to the moisture in the air indoors which can lead to cracking or swelling of the timber. For the best advice on the most suitable timber for ceiling cladding, a member of our expert team at NORclad can help.

Fire Protection

Timber cladding can have fire treatment applied to reduce the spread of flame across the surface if required.. Make sure you do your research to ensure the cladding you source meets the fire and safety regulations of your building.


A top tip for using timber for ceiling cladding is to give the wood time to acclimatise to the temperature of the room or building. This means dry, cool storage with good ventilation will help to decrease the chance of warping or splitting during the installation. For more advice on this, ask a member of our friendly team, as much depends on the type of cladding chosen and the building it has been chosen for.


The type of panelling you buy will change the method for installation. Tongue-and-groove is a popular choice and these types of panels are designed to make installation straight-forward. Ease of installation is a great advantage when working at heights as is often the case with ceilings in large buildings. A sleeker finish from the interlocking panels can also be achieved by choosing a profile that allows for secret nailing.

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Whatever its use; be it inside or outside, on ceilings, floors or walls, aside from the many advantages in comparison to other materials, the sheer beauty of timber make cladding a fantastic option for an incredible and simply stunning, warm and characterful look.

Here at NORclad, we work closely with architects, designers, specifiers, contractors, developers and self-builders, offering a professional service to cover your every need. We have over 40 years of experience and are proud of the superb environmental credentials each and every aspect of our timber cladding product range upholds.

For more information and inspiration, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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