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How to Utilise Timber Cladding for Interior Walls on your Build

We’re very passionate about timber cladding at NORclad. It’s a fantastic material that creates beautiful buildings. From domestic homes to large commercial buildings, we’ve supported lots of people in their quest to create amazing buildings. But why does the cladding have to stop on the exterior? Why can’t you continue the wooden cladding inside? Well, luckily enough, you can and its easier than you may think.

Timber cladding can be used inside to create amazing spaces. It’s a great option for large buildings as well as smaller rooms. It can bring character to rooms and spaces that previously lacked any real personality. Timber cladding is a perfect answer for those looking to create an impact inside their buildings.

The advantage of using timber cladding for interior design is the ability to create such varying appearances and looks. Depending on what type of timber you use for your cladding and how you choose to stain/colour it, it can complement very different styles. You can select a smooth finish; varnished, or perhaps leave it rougher and stained with a lighter colour. The choice is yours.

Creating stunning interior timber cladding is easier than you might think. We’ve highlighted the key steps you need to take below.

Step 1 – Pick your Cladding

This is a vital piece of the process to ensure you select a type of timber cladding that will give you the appearance you want. Remember, this cladding is for interior purposes, so you want to pick a timber species and a type of cladding that will work in the space you are putting it.

You may want to consider things like the colour, stain/paint, texture, type of cladding, and species of the timber.

We’d recommend using a species of timber that is easy to work with. You don’t need to worry as much about the durability of the timber as it won’t be put under the same environmental pressures as timber cladding used outside.

Once you’ve selected a wood, the profile of the timber will need to be chosen and then cut to the right size.

Step 2 – Prepare the Surface

Timber cladding can be used on walls, ceiling, floors, or as design features, so whatever you’re using the cladding for, you need to prepare the surface for it. This may mean taking off skirting boards, removing radiators/furniture and even wallpaper.

You should also look into the electrics and plumbing to ensure the timber cladding won’t interfere or block any important sections of wall/ceiling.

It’s better to deal with all these things at the beginning so they don’t cause issues down the line.


Step 3 – Attach Battens

Once the surface is ready, you need to attach battens. These timber battens want to lay 90 degrees to the timber cladding. So if your timber cladding is vertical, then the timber battens want to be fixed horizontally. This is what the timber cladding will be attached to. Drill these into the wall or ceiling and make sure they are securely held in place.

The timber battens want to be roughly 40cm apart but this may be impacted by the size of the building and the size of the cladding. For larger buildings, you may be able to space them further apart.

This is also a good time to think about if you’re wanting to attach anything to the cladding. Items which are heavy may require more support. As you attach the battens, you could provide extra support to the wall in areas that will have things attached to it.

Step 4 – Attach Cladding to Battens

The final thing required is to attach the timber cladding to the battens. You can buy specific fixings for this, again depending on the specification of the timber itself. Ensure everything is even, and aligned, then continue to fix the cladding to the support battens.

Once the cladding is all securely nailed to the battens, you can concentrate on filling the space with furniture and objects. You can use timber cladding as a feature wall or to complement a current design.

Tips for using Timber Cladding Inside

Timber cladding creates amazing exterior finishes but can be equally as impressive when used inside. As people continue to develop open plans spaces and connecting the inside with the outside, the continual use of timber cladding for both exterior and interior walls is becoming the perfect answer for creating stunning spaces.

It can be used in lots of different ways, you have the ability to use timber cladding to create and enhance any type of character you want to create from an interior space.

For help in applying these ideas to your own building project, get it contact with us today.

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