How to Avoid the Most Common Architect and Build Design Mistakes

Architects and building designers have a lot of responsibility. Small mistakes can have big implications. It can be challenging to balance what the client wants and what is possible with budgets, timescales and physics.

So, how can architects reduce the likelihood of errors and avoid common mistakes?


A lot of perceived mistakes in architecture and building design are not in fact mistakes, rather producing something that the client didn’t want. Attention to detail and having the ability to communicate effectively to someone who may not understand the technical side of architecture is a vital first step in creating buildings that get positive reviews.

Floor plan drawings often don’t showcase the character and personality of a building design. It is in the architect’s interest to create as much content that will provide a realistic visualisation of what the building will be like. This is where augmented reality and VR are likely to continue to become key tools on a building site and architect’s office.


Lack of Management and Leadership

The best architects are those who take control of a project and keep everything on track. It’s easy to try and accommodate client requests and end up incorporating unrealistic schedules and expectations. This can lead to rushing tasks which is a sure-fire way to making mistakes.

Architects must also be able to work with and direct contractors and other people on a project. This means being able to show leadership qualities and ensure everyone understands the architect’s drawings/insights so the projects run smoothly.

Sticking with Initial Ideas

After talking with clients and understanding their needs, the initial building plans can often need tweaking. The best architects are those who can ensure the design always meets the desires of the client. A common mistake is when the architect can’t let go of their initial designs and struggles to evolve the designs to ensure it actually reflects what the client wants.

NORclad and Designing Buildings

Creating buildings that perfectly showcase what the client wants is our biggest focus here at NORclad. We only work with architects who share our same passion for delivering projects that exceed all expectations. We supply the very best timber cladding to help create stunning buildings.

For help in designing and building your next project, make sure you get in touch with our friendly team who can help make sure you get the building you’ve always dreamed of.

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