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Timber Rainscreen Cladding Systems

What is Rainscreen Cladding?

Rainscreen cladding includes multiple layers of waterproof and protective materials located behind the cladding. This helps ensure the building wall is protected from the elements and is built to last.

Timber rainscreen cladding includes the use of timber as the cladding material. The timber boards sit on top of a breathable and waterproof membrane. The timber boards are not fixed together so do not provide a waterproof surface. Therefore, a waterproof membrane must be used underneath to ensure moisture doesn’t cause any issues to the buildings.

The timber cladding can be installed both horizontally and vertically. It could even be installed at an angle, which may lead to the next era of timber cladding design and features in which architects try and create images and designs within the cladding. The fact that the timber boards don’t need to be fixed tightly together to make it waterproof, gives designers more flexibility in how they think about the use of timber cladding on builds.

As more and more architects turn to timber for its eco-friendly, value for money, and durable properties, timber rainscreen cladding is becoming a trending building feature in building design and renovation all over the country.

Rainscreen cladding can be utilised in both renovations of old buildings and in new builds. It provides a sustainable and efficient way to protect and maintain the wall of a building as well as providing a sleek and modern timber façade. Rainscreen cladding is suitable for both small and large building projects and allows architects to utilise it in many different ways.

Benefits of Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen cladding is often used during renovations and refurbishments to old buildings. It can help improve insulation, heat efficiency, damp/moisture problems, drafts, protect against UV damage, and prevent leaks.

The rainscreen system helps solve the problems associated with poor insulation and water damage. It helps ensure exterior walls help to create sustainable buildings.

Rainscreen cladding is also very beneficial for certain situations, such as when internal insulation may not be possible or desirable for a particular build. Again, this can be particularly common on old building refurbishments, where internal cavities and walls require major reconstruction as an alternative.

As well as the practical advantages of rainscreen cladding, it can also provide aesthetic benefits. The timber cladding boards can sit completely flat against the wall, allowing for a very sleek and modern finish. The boards are equally spaced out and can form a stunning exterior timber wall. The gaps in the cladding allow for bold lines and shadows to be formed, helping create unique and stylish exterior walls.

Here at NORclad, we are proud to work with the Rainspan system offered from Eurobond, to help create rainscreen systems that can also be very fire resistant. These Rainspan systems provide many benefits to exterior building design.

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Timber Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Rainscreen cladding systems can vary in detail but they all comprise of the following features. Firstly, it requires an exterior board, which in our opinion, timber is the perfect material for. This acts as the main defence for the wall. It creates the exterior finish and impacts the character and aesthetics of the building. Behind this layer, you’ll find a gap that allows for ventilation and a channel for water penetrating the cavity to drain away. The final layer in the actual wall itself, covered in specific type of membrane to provide a waterproof and insulative layer.

The type of rainscreen system can vary depending on whether it is pressure equalised or if it is a drained system. A pressure equalised system will create a pressure that makes it possible for air to pass but not water. A drained system allows water in but will provide drainage so this water is removed effectively.

The type of cladding system required will impact installation. This is where working alongside an expert team can ensure you utilise the best system, materials and method for your building.

Timber Rainscreen Cladding and NORclad

Timber cladding installation is something that should be carried out by professionals. It requires very technical skills to ensure the best possible finish.

Regardless of whether you’re ready to start installing, or you’re still at the design stage, make sure you contact one of our friendly team, who will help support and guide you in achieving the results you want. Rainscreen timber cladding is a great option for specific situations and our team can ensure you get the most out of it. We can also help show you examples and case studies of similar builds and even discuss alternatives to rainscreen cladding to help you understand every option that you could use.

We’ve seen some amazing timber cladding projects and we want yours to be our next one! Get in touch today.

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