What Is Green Architecture & Why Is It Important?

These days we’re all becoming more conscious of the way we treat the world, making sure we recycle, use more renewable energy and try to cut down on food waste. One part of the green revolution which still sits relatively under the radar, though, is the concept of green architecture.

In fact, despite its lack of attention, green architecture is incredibly important for the sustainability of our planet, which is why we’ve created this article. Here we explain the basics of green architecture, including how it helps the planet and some of the other benefits it provides.

For more in-depth case studies and to learn about how timber in particular can be used in green architecture, get in touch with the NORclad team today.

What is Green Architecture?

Put simply, green architecture is all about promoting and considering sustainability in buildings. This can be achieved by using eco-friendly materials, designing energy-efficient structures, or simply building in a manner that doesn’t interrupt or damage the surrounding ecosystem.

Examples of Green Architecture

There are plenty of fantastic examples of green architecture in action, found all across the world. Many of these buildings also showcase that green buildings can be sustainable as well as incredibly beautiful too. Here are a few you might want to check out:

  • Toronto Tree Tower, Canada
  • The Wave, UK
  • Bloomberg HQ, UK
The Wave - Siberian Larch

How is Green Architecture Helping the Planet?

Green architecture helps the planet in more ways than one. Below are just a few features that would help classify a building as green, along with explanations of how these features help the environment.

Efficient use of energy and water

This is one of the most obvious ways a building can help the environment. Think use of solar panels, good insulation, water reuse systems and more. By using renewable energy or reducing the need for energy generation altogether, architects ensure that buildings need fewer fossil fuels and water to run.

Use of sustainable, durable materials

By using natural building materials like timber cladding, or recycled materials such as recycled concrete aggregate, buildings can use less energy in their production. These materials can also be sustainably sourced and are durable, so they last for years without needing to be repaired or replaced.

At NORclad we are experts in timber cladding and take our commitment to the environment very seriously, which is why we only use fully credible providers when sourcing our wood. We also understand the importance of green architecture and are proud to have worked on several projects with sustainability at their core.

Consideration of the local environment

From taking simple steps like avoiding cutting down trees or damaging habitats in the building process, to state of the art eco-buildings with growing grass roofs, architects are revolutionising the way we think about building in relation to the local environment.

Other Benefits of Green Architecture


There are a range of economic benefits that come from having a green building. These vary from lower utility bill costs (due to better insulation and renewable energy generation), to higher property value in re-sale, and considerably lower building costs.

At NORclad we know that one of the many benefits of using timber cladding on buildings is the lower overall cost to build. While it may not seem significantly lower at first, the shorter building times needed to work with timber, as well as low storage costs, mean you can make huge savings.


Good ventilation and lots of light are two of the key features of green buildings. Several studies have shown that workers in well-lit and ventilated offices reported better sleep and increased cognitive brain function as a result of the better air quality and natural light.


It has been scientifically proven that buildings which use lots of natural materials (like timber) encourage better productivity and a more positive, calming atmosphere.

Green Architecture and NORclad

Whether you’re an architect yourself, or a home, business or school owner, the team at NORclad would love to discuss how our high-quality, sustainable timber cladding can help make your building greener.

Perhaps you’re considering making improvements to an existing building, or starting a build from scratch? Whatever it is, we have extensive experience working on projects of all shapes and sizes, and can help offer advice for you today.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more or to request a free, no obligation quote.

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