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Bristol Timber Cladding Design and Installation

Bristol Timber Cladding by NORclad

Timber is one of the best materials for architects and builders. It is versatile, economical and has top environmental credentials. It has long been our favourite material and has allowed us to create a portfolio of unique buildings around Bristol and the UK.

Timber cladding provides the perfect opportunity to craft buildings that reflect what the owner envisioned. As a material, it is easy to work with and allows architects to explore very detailed and precise designs.

The best timber cladding designs are those that help provide solutions for buildings. Our portfolio of past timber cladding projects in and around Bristol and the South West illustrates some of the different types of designs you can utilise.

15 Examples of Bristol and South West Timber Cladding

Solarsense – Zero Carbon Hub

This timber cladding project in Backwell, North Somerset truly showcases the beauty of using high-quality European Redwood cladding. The colour provided by the timber is stunning, and due to being treated with Koppers MicroShades ‘Brunnea’ high pressure treatment, the cladding will have enhanced protection against rot and fungal decay for 30 years.


Moon Design – “Furze”

Our prestigious design project for The Furze required a range of premium façade materials, all of which needed to seamlessly blend and interact. MicroShades “Brunnea” 3-4 side clear cladding and other bespoke, sustainable products were supplied, and came with a 30 year Koppers treatment warranty against rot and fungal decay.


Treetops Keynsham

This innovative timber cladding project also required a variety of façade materials that needed to blend and interact. MicroShades “Brunnea” A+ grade cladding was supplied and a range of products was also needed, predominantly Ex 25 x 150 NWC2 – a T&G profile which provides a 10mm gap appearance between installed boards.


Steiner Academy

Our cladding project for Steiner Academy saw untreated Welsh Larch used in 2 of our standard profiles. It has provided the building with a quirky appearance, and one that suits its immediate surroundings much better. Over time the timber will eventually weather to a silver/grey colour that is expected from Larch.

Rather than using some of the standard corner trims that we offer, all corners were mitred on this project.


St Joseph’s Gardens

This project particularly highlights the visual benefits of using European Redwood cladding. A selection of corner profiles and PSE boards will also be supplied to for the details, and to clad garage doors. The grade used contains very few knots and has been MicroShades “Brunnea” treated.


Gloworks, Cardiff – Welsh Larch

This project was designed to reflect an area that has soon become a hub for the creative sector in Wales. It demonstrates the possibilities of using a material like timber cladding and helps provide a more striking wall.

Rather than creating a normal clad wall, the focus was put on creating these distinct boxes within the cladding.

We used “MicroPro” treatment and selected timber based on sustainability. This cladding requires minimal maintenance and is relatively easy to install. Over time the timber cladding will naturally weather to a beautiful grey/silver.


Welsh Larch

Ebbw Vale – Welsh Larch

This is a fantastic illustration of timber cladding used in a creative way. This timber cladding has transformed a concrete carpark into a clad frame that sits within its surroundings much better. The timber was originally much browner but over time weathers to this grey colour.

This creates a much more harmonious building that uses timber to hide the concrete and provide a much more attractive structure.


Welsh Larch - Ebbw Vale 3 Years 4

IKB Studios, Wellsway School

Our timber cladding project at IKB Studios at Wellsway School is a great example of European Redwood cladding. It provides beautiful colouring and with ‘Brunnea’ treatment that helps protect it against rot and fungal decay for 30 years.

The timber cladding sat among other materials very naturally and helped create an interesting and stylish finish.


University of Bristol

The University of Bristol needed more creative and work spaces for students. We helped use a HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) timber cladding for interior walls to help create that crisp, clean finish. To create the smooth angles and clean finish, it required a very high level of installation.

The installation and attention to detail when producing the furniture is second to none, something that is vital when working with this product to get that desired finish.

The HPL panels have been fixed using screws with colour coded heads that match the panels to provide the best finish possible.

This is a great example of how HPL can be used inside and for interior design. It can break up open plan spaces and provide a much more beautiful finish than just plain walls.


4 (UoB)

Private Home, Bristol

As well as commercial timber cladding services, we have also helped individual homeowners create their dream timber cladded homes. In this project in Bristol, we helped make bespoke cladding profiles in various sizes for the main house and the fencing.

With a design like this, the attention to detail is very important and the installation of this timber cladding ensured that it maximised the materials used.

This timber cladding project in Bristol demonstrated how an ordinary building can be transformed by simply utilising a different material and focusing on high quality installation. It helped the homeowner get more out of their home and create an exterior that they could be proud of.



Blackrock Quarry

Our Blackrock Quarry design and installation project demonstrated how to utilise timber alongside other materials. Here, we created stunning contrasts by having timber lie perfectly alongside stone.

The rougher stones emphasised the clean and smooth finish to the timber cladding. This helps utilise the texture of the building materials to create a character to a building.


Blackrock Quarry

Sainsbury’s Penzance

This timber cladding project in the South West was an interesting project. We worked with a blend of façade materials and the Eurobond Rainspan System.

MicroShades “Brunnea” cladding and anti-slip decking, as well as fire coated products in the Petrol Filling station, makes this a practical and functional space. A focus on ensuring the building was safe for customers and staff but also provided a wow factor in terms of design and installation.


Sainsbury's Penzance

Hanham Hall, Zero Carbon Project

Our timber cladding project at Hanham Hall in Bristol was a “carbon zero” project and used a range of cladding and façade products.

The building was diverse and had lots of varied sections that needed cladding. This showcased lots of different ways timber cladding can be used. From decorative exterior cladding to functional decking, the timber on this build was installed to a very high spec to provide the best possible finish.


Hanham Hall

Fox4, University of Falmouth

This timber cladding build at the University of Falmouth, used a mixture of NORclad profiles both internally and externally. This cladding used the beautiful European Redwood timber species which provides an attractive colouring.

An elevation overlooking the car park was also designed using timber, on this occasion as a solar shade.


Falmouth University

Glulam Arches

Our final example of timber cladding in Bristol and the South West is the Glulam Arches. This showcases the creativity that timber cladding allows. This type of design would be very hard to achieve using other materials, however, timber cladding made this achievable as well as providing a great finish.


10 (Glulam Arches)

Timber Cladding in Bristol

Have any of these examples of Bristol timber cladding projects inspired you? If so, get in contact with us today and learn how we can help you use timber cladding on your building project.

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