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Do You Need Planning Permission for Timber Cladding?

Timber cladding provides near limitless design potential and offers a host of practical benefits too. If you decide to use it in your building project, you’ll no doubt be eager to get started right away. But, unless you want to receive an enforcement notice from your local authority, it’s vital you establish whether or not you need to seek planning permission. Understanding the ins and outs of planning law in the UK can be confusing, but it’s important to get right. Otherwise, your timber cladding dreams might never become a reality!

NORclad are a supplier and manufacturer of superior timber cladding. We source our wood from sustainable forests in the UK and around the Globe, providing our clients with steadfast support and advice from initial enquiry right through to project end.

In this article, our team explain the UK planning rules for timber cladding projects, and how to achieve the best results.

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Do You Need Planning Permission for Exterior Wood Cladding?

Often, you can add or replace exterior timber cladding without applying for planning permission. This is because its use tends to fall within your ‘permitted development rights’. That is, the rights you have as a homeowner to maintain and make minor improvements to your house provided you use materials with a similar appearance to those used in its construction.

But, if you’re planning to use timber cladding extensively, it might be necessary to apply for permission. This will also be the case if your building is:

  • Listed
  • In a Conservation Area
  • In an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Remember, just because you might need to apply for planning permission in these instances, it doesn’t mean you won’t be allowed to continue with your project. In many cases, your application will be approved! If you’re still not sure whether you need to apply, visit the Planning Portal website for specific guidance.

Do You Need Building Regulations Approval for Timber Cladding?

Whether or not you need Building Regulations approval to install timber cladding depends on the extent of the work. If you are cladding or recladding 25% or more of the external walls, the regulations will apply. This is because external walls have to conform to British Standards of fire safety and provide adequate thermal insulation.

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Why Install Exterior Wood Cladding?

Maybe you’re about to apply for planning permission for a cladding project, or maybe you’re still considering your options. If that’s the case, we’re here to explain why exterior wood cladding is a great choice for your project.

Timber cladding offers numerous design possibilities depending on the type of wood you choose, allowing you to spread your creative wings and produce a stunning finish.

It also has excellent environmental credentials when sourced from a supplier like NORclad who work with sustainable FSC and PEFC certified wood.

From a practical perspective, timber cladding is easy to install and a great, low-cost way to totally transform the exterior of a building, or camouflage an unattractive structure like a carpark. Wood’s internal structure also means it provides effective sound and heat insulation.

Maybe a better question is: why wouldn’t you install timber cladding?

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Achieving the Best Results with Timber Cladding – Things to Consider

Establish the Best Wood for your Project

The wood you work with will determine the finished look and feel of your project. Different species have different colours and textures, so choosing the right one is key.

But beyond aesthetic concerns, it’s also necessary to think through durability, cost, and maintenance. Some types of wood have a better dimensional stability than others; some are more resistant to decay.

NORclad offers European Redwood, British Larch, Canadian Western Cedar, and many more – all of which have their own unique properties. For help deciding on the right option for you, contact our friendly team or take a look at our species guide.

Choose the Right Profile

The profile you go for can have a massive impact on the look of the building, so it’s an important decision. As well as this, the profile determines how the cladding will be installed, with huge potential to affect project timescale and costs.

At NORclad, we offer a range of profiles including Tongue and Groove. These offer an incredibly easy and quick to install option, without compromising on structural integrity. The interlocking tongues and grooves result in a highly attractive closed profile and a sturdy, secure finish.

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Consider What Treatments You Might Need

To ensure the longevity of your project, it might be worth choosing cladding pre-treated to minimise deterioration. Timber is a natural material, meaning it will age and change over time. But with the right maintenance, it can be incredibly long lasting. For example NORclad’s “Brunnea” treatment will only serve to increase this durability, providing effective anti-fungal protection.

Depending on the project, you might want to opt for fire treated cladding. A number of species offered by NORclad are available with a flame retardant treatment, allowing it to uphold British and European safety standards such as Euro Class B. This cladding is supplied with certification, ensuring you can prove compliance where necessary.

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Leading Supplier of Top Quality Wood Cladding

NORclad have over 40 years of experience manufacturing and supplying specialist timber cladding products to a range of exciting building projects. We’ve worked with everyone from self-builders to architects and contractors, helping them make the most of the material. With excellent environmental credentials, practical advantages, and a unique aesthetic, timber makes a great addition to any structure.

If you’re thinking of incorporating it, why not give us a call? We can chat through your ideas in more detail and provide bespoke recommendations.

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