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How to Create Stunning Building Entrances

Building entrances are critical; you only get one chance to create the perfect first impression. From commercial buildings to private homes, having a stunning building entrance can make all the difference in visitors’ opinions of you and/or your business.

All entrance areas, including the exterior façade, the interior foyer, reception and entrance hall should create a positive setting for visitors. From the initial entrance areas, people will be quick to form an impression of you and your business, with entranceway décor and style setting the tone for the rest of the building.

Here at NORclad we work closely with architects, project managers and more to elevate façades, improve entrances and create stunning builds with timber cladding. We have supplied timber cladding to a range of buildings with uses spanning from residential homes, hotels, offices, schools, universities, commercial spaces, and sports grounds, to name but a few. Check out our gallery for inspiration.

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How to Create Stunning Building Entrances

Transform the Whole Exterior Façade

Let the entire front of your building do the talking, not just the doorway. The doorway, although the literal entrance, is just an aspect of a much larger space that can be inviting and exciting. Utilising colour, different materials, architectural aspects and more, the front of a building can go from dull to a work of art exuding kerb appeal. The façade of a building is significant when considered as the focal aspect visitors and the public will see before even approaching the entrance, therefore playing a pivotal role in impressions.

If options are limited for adapting the façade, consider using materials that can be placed on top of the existing building, such as timber cladding, for non-invasive visual changes.

Keep it Simple

The overall design of an entranceway can impact how users interact with the area, which can drastically impact impressions. Having features that prioritise style over function may confuse people and negatively impact impressions, for example a door with a minimalistic handle that complicates the simple function of opening a door.

So, while entrances should be attractive, they serve a vital purpose that should not be overlooked: getting people into your building. When designing a stunning building entrance, don’t ignore function in favour of looks. Just be sure to include your branding somewhere – check out this subtle and stylistic example.

Install Timber Cladding

Timber is a durable and striking natural material to use in interior and exterior design, creating earthy and inviting areas. Available in various profiles and different species, timber cladding is incredibly versatile, able to suit a range of styles and finishes for the desired effect at building entrances, both inside and outside. Apply horizontal or vertical timber cladding as a feature wall, on centrepiece elements, or as a unique contrasting material on the façade, to ensure a modern, attractive entranceway.

Especially useful in office or commercial environments, timber has been proven to alleviate feelings of stress and invoke calmness. Timber cladding, therefore, is not only a simple solution to a stunning building entrance, but a sustainable one with various environmental and psychological benefits.

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Use Contrasting Colours

Entrances can be simply improved with the use of contrasting colour, helping to create a more dynamic and striking look. A popular modern example is the contrast of black paint and golden wood (example here and here), creating a stunning appeal.

Incorporate Nature

It is a popular trend to have large plants and greenery around entrances to buildings. Incorporating natural elements to an otherwise manmade environment can create a welcoming, inviting entrance. Other aspects to involve include rock features, timber, flowerbeds, oversized plants and even water features.

See how the Vodafone offices in New Zealand created a warm and inspiring main lobby with the incorporation of natural materials.

Illuminate the Entrance

Not only is it practical to light up the entrance to a building, but it also creates ambiance. Accent lighting can highlight key places, such as the side of the doorway or to frame the entranceway, which is stylistically preferable to bright general lighting that may swamp the area with light. Upward lighting, spotlights, ground lighting and pillars are great ways to sufficiently light an entrance in modern ways for maximum visual effect.

Indoor/Outdoor Architecture

This modern architecture trend blends inside and outside elements to create seamless and attractive transitions between the indoors and outdoors. Large glass doors, windows, continuation of materials, indoor greenery and more help to create the illusion of a blurred line between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Embracing the indoor/outdoor trend results in stunning entranceways that warmly ease visitors into a new environment, instead of creating a stark contrast between outdoor nature and manmade buildings.

See more: Inside Outside Architecture – How To Leverage This Trending Design Style

Vary Textures

Using various shapes and textures at a building entrance will no doubt engage visitors and create a beautiful, dynamic setting. Flat or plain walls, for example, may seem dull compared to geometrically decorated walls with strong lines and textured fronts – just like this engaging building! Slates, protruding fronts, mixed materials can all add to the excitement of an otherwise bland entrance (see slats in action here). If entrances have high ceilings or overhanging roofing, this adds to the effect and creates another feature to draw eyes up and wow visitors.


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We supply a wide range of commercial and residential buildings with striking timber cladding for internal and external installation, creating beautiful entrances, eye catching façades and stunning architectural buildings. View our range of case studies to see how our timber cladding has elevated buildings. Able to be supplied with FSC or PEFC chain of custody certification, timber cladding is not only a stunning building material, but a sustainable one too, assured to last many years with minimal environmental impact.

Talk to our expert team today to source the perfect timber cladding for your building entrance.

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