How to Use Decorative Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is not just a great sustainable building material, but an attractive one too! Timber cladding can elevate any building interior or exterior, adding an eye-catching, appealing feature to plain walls. Designers and architects can create modern looks and fit contemporary aesthetics, or create more unique, bespoke decoration, all with timber cladding.

For inspiration on using decorative timber cladding, we’ve listed some of the most popular timber cladding applications, as well as examples from our own selection of case studies here at NORclad.

Exterior Decorative Timber Cladding

To prevent any ‘plain’ walls and create an engaging façade, architects often turn to timber cladding. Whether tongue and groove cladding is added to the exterior to create a sleek, smooth finish, or vertical cladding with characteristic knots is installed, timber cladding is a sure way to decorate and increase the appeal of a building’s exterior. The full range of profiles, fixings, and design options presented by timber cladding make for a versatile range of applications – it can even be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally!

With such a wide range of species to choose from, finding the ideal timber cladding for exterior application is a complex choice. Species recommended for exterior use are usually the most naturally durable, or species that can be treated to provide longer lasting protection against the elements. At NORclad, we offer a 30-year warranty against rot and fungal decay with our Brunnea treatment, ensuring decorative building facades remain just as stunning in the years to come.

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Exterior Decorative Timber Cladding Examples

  • Leeds University Business School building has been adorned with diagonal timber cladding to create a modern-look decorative façade.
  • For a more natural finish highlighting the raw beauty of timber and creating a simple yet affective exterior, Golden Mede houses use a characteristic Grade B Siberian Larch cladding.
Golden Mede 1

Interior Decorative Timber Cladding

For the most part, timber cladding designs used on the exterior of a building can be used on the interior too. In fact, interior applications for timber cladding tend to offer even more decorative options; instead of just creating a feature wall with cladding. There are many more surfaces and components to potentially elevate with timber cladding. Offices, retail spaces, hotel lobbies and more can all benefit from the attraction and calming effects of interior decorative timber cladding.

When it comes to interior cladding species, there is a wider breadth of choices as conditions on the inside of a building are far less damaging to timber than the wet and windy of the exterior. This means designers and architects have even more freedom to specify from a wider range of species, and create the exact look and style they desire, with the option to add fire retardant treatments, often required by law (Euro Class).

Interior Decorative Timber Cladding Example

  • The Vodafone office building in New Zealand is adorned with Abodo timber cladding decoration at the entrance interior and exteriors, creating a warm and welcoming environment that inspires office workers and impresses guests.
Abodo Timber Vodafone Interior

Shingles Decorative Timber Cladding

Shingles are the most decorative of all timber profiles or styles; they add texture and depth to otherwise flat walls. Shingles work effectively indoors and outdoors to create eye-catching features either on full walls, or smaller areas. The subtle effect of shingles suits most applications from residential to commercial, adding a hint of décor without disrupting the overall look of a building.

Like any other timber cladding, shingles will weather to a silvery grey over time when applied outside. This process only adds to the aesthetic appeal and results in a stunning, natural decorative feature.

View our Canadian Western Red Cedar Certigrade Blue Label Shingles >

Shingles Decorative Timber Cladding Example

  • Churchwood Gardens apartment blocks were subtly uplifted with timber cladding and shingles to create a stunning, modern residential area.
Churchwood 2

Contrasting Colour Decorative Timber Cladding

Combining timber cladding with contrasting materials and colours can make for a stunning result. Although timber decoration is often praised for its natural and subtle looks, juxtaposing the natural look of timber with dark hues and materials can highlight the biological beauty of timber even more.

Contrasting Decorative Timber Cladding Examples

  • For homes at Wilstone Wharf, Siberian Larch timber cladding has been used in contrast with black materials to add depth and design to the exteriors.
  • Similar to above, at Avon Fire & Rescue Centre, Hicks Gate, Grade A European Redwood contrasts beautifully with black building materials.
  • At UWE Bower Ashton campus, untreated Siberian Larch was installed, initially creating a similar colour contrast as above. The timber was intentionally left untreated so it would weather to a grey hue, which now blends perfectly with other building materials to create an impressive, formidable look.

Dynamic Decorative Timber Cladding

Utilising different patterns and dynamic designs for timber cladding can create an even more attractive decorative look. While flat, smooth applications still look great, adding in layers and raised elements to timber cladding décor can take the façade to a whole new level.

Bespoke creations, full of detail and smart design, can maximise the aesthetic appeal of a building. In fact, timber cladding can even be designed so as to display the building or company name within the wall itself!

Bespoke Decorative Timber Cladding Examples

  • Market Rasen Leisure Centre has regular timber cladding on the exterior with occasional separate, raised pieces to create layers.
  • A range of various raised cladding elements, patterns, and spacings have been applied to Glenside Campus at UWE, creating eye-catching, dynamic building facades.
  • A frame-like structure has been created for Hanham Hall homes in Bristol; an unmissable design fitting a contemporary style.

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Timber Cladding

Decorative Timber Cladding with NORclad

If you are looking for decorative timber cladding for your next building, NORclad are here to help. As industry experts with over 40 years’ experience, we offer unrivalled insights and advice to project managers, architects, designers and more, helping them achieve the desired look with their ideal timber cladding.

Offering a huge product range, various profiles, FSC or PEFC chain of custody certification, and industry leading treatments, we supply timber cladding for all applications. Check out our extensive product range and create your specification today!

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