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Project: Kuratau Holiday Home

Architect: Hamish Dodd

Location: Lake Taupo, Kuratau, New Zealand

Client: Hamish and Anita Dodd

Project Completed: 2015

Product: Abodo Vulcan+

Hamish and Anita Dodd, a couple from Kiwi are truly masters of home building; they quickly transformed a once forgotten lakeside plot, into a beautifully crafted barn-style holiday home, on a modest budget, without sacrificing attention to detail and sticking to the ambitious timeframe of just one hundred days.

This is what Hamish had to say about the project “There were a lot of things I enjoyed about the build, cladding being one of them. Finding something that was going to be different in the process. With something simple like this, because it really is just a rectangular box, we really needed a good-looking cladding of a certain calibre on the outside. Something that could match the home’s whole look”.

Taupo’s hot summer was no match for Adodo’s Vulcan Cladding and has left the home with a rich dark brown finish from the four coats of black paint “It handled the summer no dramas at all. Because it was black everyone has asked me. But there’s not even a single crack”.

Adodo’s Vulcan Cladding has triumphed with this build, ensuring a visually pleasing, lasting finish.



NORclad® are the South West’s premier supplier of Abodo Vulcan+ timber cladding, a renewable alternative to traditional larch or cedar cladding.

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