Parklex Façade high quality laminate timber panels have several benefits and can be applied both externally and internally.

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Parklex Façade is a high density stratified laminate timber panel. Manufactured from kraft paper treated with thermoset resins, pressed under high pressure and temperature and finished with natural timber veneers. Highly resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric agents. Everlook®, a special overlay dramatically increases the normal life of the panel, improving UV resistance and colour stability. The variety of finishes and colours in natural and dyed panels sets Parklex apart as a result of its versatility, making it the ideal covering from any type of project.

Facade – The traditional Parklex finish. Reveals the simple and natural richness of the veneer, with variations in tone and grain to be expected with differing species.
Parklex De-Constructed Panel
External Finishes

Parklex External Finishes

Skin Internal Floor, Walls & Ceiling – A surface characteristic that expresses the feel, nuances and highlights of natural wood, with variations in tone and grain to be expected with differing species.

Parklex De-Constructed Panel Internal
Internal Finishes

Parklex Internal Finishes

Acoustic – Varying perforations available depending on the necessary acoustic absorption/ reverberation.

Parklex Acoustic

Wet Internal – With its resistance to moisture and maintenance, suited to bathrooms, gyms, swimming pools and porches.
Parklex De-Constructed Wet Internal
Parklex External Finishes

Size: 1220 x 2440 mm x thickness

Finish: Smooth

Joints: Open/ with horizontal jointing profile: 8 or 10 mm width.

Air gap: 25 mm or as advised by Building Control

Fixings: Parklex Facade has four different mounting systems: Exposed fastening system with screws or rivets, Hidden fastening system with caps, Hidden fastening system with hanger system and Hidden fastening system with adhesive.

Technical properties:

– Dimensional stability at elevated temperatures (to BS EN 438-2): <0.3% (longrain), <0.6% crossgrain).

– Resistance to impact with large diameter ball (to BS EN 438-2): 1.8 mm.

– Tensile strength (to BS EN ISO 527-2): 60 MPa.

– Resistance to UV light (to BS EN 438-2): 3 (contrast), 4 (aspect).

– Resistance to artificial weathering (including light fastness, to BS EN 438-2): 3 (contrast), 4 (appearance).

– Water vapour permeability (to BS EN 438-7): 110 (wet cup method), 250 (dry cup method).

– Flexural strength (to BS EN ISO 178): 80 MPa.

– Flexural modulus (to BS EN ISO 178): 9 MPa.

– Thermal resistance/ conductivity (to BS EN 12664): 0.261 W/mK (Facade S), 0.263 W/mK (Facade F).

– Density (to BS EN ISO 1183): 1.35 g/cm³.

Parklex De-Constructed Wet Internal

Parklex External Finishes


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